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Come with us to the unveiling of the 2015 Miami International Film Festival poster design at the Miami Dade College’s Tower Theater.

Along with the unveiling was a sneak preview of a new film.
Magician: The Astonishing Work and Life of Orson Welles
We can’t show you documentarian Chuck Workman’s unreleased film, but we do show you his fascinating trailer which takes us through the life of the legendarily uncompromising actor and director behind such classics as Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons and Touch of Evil.
This is a hint to MiamiFF’s 32nd edition which takes place March 5 – 16, 2015.

Can you guess the poster’s design?

MIFFecito 2014

Jessica Wade Pfeffer, PR Guru for the MIFF
Jessica Wade Pfeffer, PR Guru for the MIFF
Tower Theater, home of MIFFecito
Tower Theater, home of MIFFecito
Tower Theater, home of MIFFecito
Tower Theater, home of MIFFecito
Jessica Wade Pfeffer, PR Guru for the MIFF
Jessica Wade Pfeffer, PR Guru for the MIFF


is a documentary film directed and produced by local filmmakers Marlon Johnson and Chad Tingle and Dennis Scholl.  It is a valentine to the people, and the community, that created that music.

Come with us to the premiere in South Florida at the Miami International Film Festival at the Olympia Theater and meet the filmmakers and the singer/songwriters who were Deep City Records.

It came together in the mid ’60s and it was soul and funk as only Miami could make it. It was raw and gritty. It was built on the sanctified grooves of church and street life, the brash sound of marching bands and the lilting cadences of the Caribbean. And because it was performed by local musicians, black and white, but also players from Alabama and Georgia but also Jamaica and the Bahamas, it had an accent all of its own.




The inspirational story of Marc A. Buoniconti, who suffered tragedy at the age of 19 on the football field whan a tackle left him with a spinal cord injury and permanent paralysis. Yet Marc and his family rallied to turn this painful event into a force for good. 

This video is the entire presentation before and after the movie with comments by friends who were onstage: Tom Brokaw, Bob Costas, Emilio Estefan Jr., Gloria Estefan, Nic Buoniconti, Dr. Barth Green, Nat Moore, Lili Estefan (La Flaca), Herman Jacobs with special appearances by Bob Griese and Don Shula. And make sure you watch the end of the video for more important interviews at the after-party!



A mystery biopic about Niccolo Paganini, the first rock star in music history made it’s North American premiere at the Miami International Film Festival. On stage to introduce the film and lead a Q & A, Director Bernard Rose and violin virtuoso and the films star David Garrett

In the early 1830s Niccolo Paganini, the great virtuoso violinist, takes Paris by storm. “I am at present marveling at the astounding miracles performed by Paganini in Paris,” writes French novelist Balzac. “Do not imagine that it is merely a question of his bowing, his fingering, or the fantastic sounds he draws from his violin. There is, beyond all doubt, something mysterious about this man. I go to every one of his concerts. The opera house is packed to overflowing and the cashier raking in 20,000 francs a night.”

It is said, in his native Italy, that to play with such virtuosity, Paganini has sold his soul to the devil. Women faint at his concerts, claiming to see a demon guiding his bow at amazing speeds. Rumors abound; he‘s been in prison for seducing a minor, he‘s seduced half the noble women of Europe, he is capricious, vain, difficult.

International music star, David Garrett, makes his movie debut playing the role of Paganini. It is Garrett‘s youth and incredible virtuoso talent that brings the excitement, energy, modernity and wonder to this film – the same way he enchants his audience during his sold-out concerts all over the world.

Acclaimed British actor, Dop, editor and director Bernard Rose has made a name for himself with a versatile body of work. From horror gem CANDYMAN, Beethoven portrayal and Gary Oldman starrer IMMORTAL BELOVED, to the indie crime drama MR. NICE or his latest film, the Venice 2012 entry and Tolstoy-themed BOXING DAY.



See the entire 30 minute Q & A including his highlight reel plus some after party moments.

After the Q & A we had the pleasure to watch his latest Directorial film effort, ‘FADING GIGOLO’ in which he stars with WOODY ALLEN.  We loved the film. 



Shirley MacLaine & Christopher Plummer ‘ham it up’ on stage for Elsa & Fred premiere

Come with us to the opening night of @miamifilmfest for the opening night film and North American Premiere of Elsa & Fred, starring Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer. The director of the film, Michael Radford and the two stars appeared live on stage to introduce the film and share some personal insights. Also on stage was Jared Gilman who also starred in Moonrise Kingdom. Check out the Patron 3-D After Party with us and get a quick glimpse of Anne Hathaway on the red carpet. You go where we go at www.ArtsAndCultureTv.com


AACTV was on the RED CARPET at the 2014 Miami International Film Festival when Anne Hathaway suddenly appeared from out of a MIFF limo.



FROM 2013 Miami International Film Festival (MIFF)

produced and presented by Miami Dade College, kicked off its Festival week with the opening night screening of the film Twenty Feet from Stardom. One of the film’s leading and legendary stars, Darlene Love, was at the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts for a special performance.

Scroll down the page to see coverage from more of the on stage film maker interviews.

Twenty Feet from Stardom, directed by Morgan Neville, is a documentary that shines a light on the black back-up singers who lend their strong voices to the songs that have become some of our favorites. Neville interviews music legends such as Bruce SpringsteenMick Jagger, and Stevie Wonder, whose music has been transformed by the help of the back-up singers. However, the real stars of the film are singers like Darlene LoveMerry Clayton, andLisa Fischer. These women tell their stories behind their careers, their anonymity, and their experience being twenty feet from stardom.


Watch the on stage ‘question and answer ‘ session with Cucu Diamantes and director Jorge Perugorria following the showing of their film Amor Cronico at the thirteenth Miami International Film Festival. Grammy nominee Cucú Diamantes returns to her homeland in Cuba to perform her songs while becoming the first touring artist from outside the country in over 50 years. Along the way she realizes that she is “too much of a Cuban to live in New York, too much of a New Yorker to live in Havana”. This paradox, along with a new-found romance, sets her semi-fictional lead character on a whirlwind tour through the Cuban heartland. Cuban filmmaker Jorge Perugorría mixes live concert footage with an over-the-top fiction smorgasbord to create a love story and a road movie with a flashy musical twist. — Andres Castillo

FROM 2010 Miami International Film Festival (MIFF)

This is an interview with Niels Arden Oplev, Danish Director of the original film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which showed at the 2010 Miami International Film Festival. This piece showed as a segment on Miami’s Public Television Station WLRN-TV Ch 17, ArtStreet with Meredith Porte.


A Miami Digital Video Production

Miami International Film Festival

Flashback to 1985

With the upcoming 30 year anniversary of MIFF (Miami International Film Festival), I suddenly remembered a promotional video I directed 29 years ago for the 2nd Miami International Film Festival. I’m surprised the VHS tape still held an image. This is the work of a very ‘young’ budding film maker, ME! If you are an old time Miami film lover you will probably see a lot of people you recognize from their much younger days. Look to www.ArtsAndCultureTv.com for interesting stories and Live Video Broadcast Streaming about arts happening around South Florida. An added thank you to Fred Singer from Coronado Studios who produced this masterpiece. A Miami Digital Video Production



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