MANGO STRUT 2012 LIVE – See It Here Now

Mango Strut 2012



Sunday December 30th

Broadcast starts at 1:30pm

Parade starts at 2:00pm

Exclusively at

Watch it STREAMING LIVE here on the internet if:

– you are traveling out of town

– you are sick in bed

– you always wanted your friends and family back home to see our

Coconut Grove craziness

After the parade watch it again & again in our archives
The King Mango Strut is an annual parade held in Coconut Grove, Florida on the last Sunday of each year. The motto of the parade this year is “Fifty Shades of Mango.” The parade was started in 1982 by Glenn Terry and the late Bill Dobson as a parody of the annual King Orange Jamboree parade for the Orange Bowl. After a group of Grove residents, known as the “Mango Marching Band” were denied entry into the Orange Bowl parade due to “unsuitable instruments” such as kazoos and conch shells, they decided to create their own parade.
The spirit of the King Mango Strut is significantly tongue-in-cheek. Participants are willing to poke fun at anything and everything. Most of the parade consists of satire of events that have happened in the last year, from world events to state to local. Nothing is off-limits, and the boundaries of good taste are often pushed or broken in the name of irreverent comedy.
BREAKING NEWS:Fired Hallandale Beach Lifeguard, Tomas Lopez,
has agreed to be this year’s King Mango Strut Lifeguard.
Back in July, Tomas Lopez, had the audacity to do his job beyond another dimension – a dimension of arbitrary lines, a dimension of dumb rules, a dimension void of common sense.  A lifeguard, he answered the call for help beyond the zone and saved a drowning man.  For that, Tomas was fired. Tomas had just entered into The Bureaucratic Zone.
 King Mango Strut Parade
Sunday, December 30th at 2pm
Mango Music Massacre in Commodore Plaza after parade
Check out our video from the 2008 MangObama Strut
to get an idea of what the Mango Strut is all about


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