Nayib Estefan’s Secret Celluloid Society presented the Rocky Horror Picture Show in what will probably be the last 35mm film print since Fox has said that most film prints will be destroyed to make way for digital prints.

The night was also a celebration to honor the Fabulous Flying Fendelman Brothers, Richard & James, who played the RHPS at their Grove Art Cinema for over 15 years to sellout crowds back in the day.

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  1. Greg

    I had an amazing time. My 24 year old daughter grew up watching this film on VHS and knows the soundtrack as well as I do. It was a blast to take her to see this film the way it was intended, and to rub elbows among such royalty (Richard Fendelman!).

    Being a 70’s Grove Cinema-phile, this was a serious homecoming for an old dude like me. THANK YOU NAYIB and THANK YOU RICHARD FENDELMAN!

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